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60% of homes re-list via a second agent. Are you or your competitor that agent?

Our exclusive access lets agents tap into the power of house listing data and directly mail vendors on the market. Target new to market, leaving sole agency, recently reduced and withdrawn properties.

The HouseVault Prospector Tool allows you to easily identify all houses on the market to then send a direct mail to the seller at key stages in their sales timeline. You're able to access full address details, on the market duration key indicators, recently reduced prices and withdrawn from market due to failure to sell.

Target vendors within proximity of a property you have recently sold and inform them of what you do best - selling houses! Contact frustrated vendors within the local area, telling them you have just sold a clients house and that you can do the same for them!

It's never been easier to generate custom letters with key information to send to sellers in your area with our Prospector Tool, you'll be keeping the post man busy while effortlessly blowing your competition out of the water.

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